FoD March 2015-10-blog

Dust to Dusty Slosh

So why do little things go wrong? Some things we can pin on poor preparation, poor judgement or lack of experience. Trying new dehydrated food for example. Should chilli con carne really look like regurgitated soup? I’ve double checked and added the correct amount of water! I’m sure there’s a scientific reason behind it all but it did leave us wanting. What should we realistically expect from 100g of calorie packed dust? Out pops Ainsley for a tummy top up. The dangers of pre empting the munchies before you’ve finished your well thought out and very much deliberate meal. Too full now! I blame Glenmorangie!

FoD March 2015-12-blog

2 am Tarp Fail

Hey guys, look at my really shit pegs they’ll never work in this ground. No probs I’ll back them up with some whittled stakes. Fast forward to the 2am tarp fail. I blame Glenmorangie!

FoD March 2015-9-blog

Cold Butt Syndrome

After all this time one would expect the careful art of hanging to be mastered. So how do three seasoned donkeys manage to all overlook the simple and essential basics of under quilt placement? One gentle breath and the goose warmed air turns to a slap on ass by Jack Frost! This was not the coldest we have slept in by a long way but it was the coldest I have personally been trying to sleep! So why not get up and sort it out? I blame Glenmorangie!

FoD March 2015-18-blog

3 am Grunts

What’s that sound? Wild bore? Matt snoring? Faceless axe men? It turns out to be two curious deer just 2 metres away. The wonders of sleeping wild, fantastic!

Forest of Dean


The riding provided a pre Forgus (this years trip) leg and lung warmer and the overnighter was a valuable opportunity to test the various new Alpkit needleworks dripping from our bikes. The Koala seat packs seem very well made with plenty of room for snickers bars (how many I wonder?) and Dan’s Stingray frame bag looks ready for some serious wilderness action. In keeping with the Alpkit trend, it all seems dependable and affordable, very happy indeed.

With the imminent arrival of our taylored Trekkertents, thoughts for the hammock can be gently placed to one side. Although at this very moment I would happy douse mine in zebra blood and feed it to lions! Our Forest of Dean cold butt hammock experience cannot be blamed on anything but human error enhanced by a wee dram or two of whisky. The hammock has a special place in our hearts and will live on in our arsenal but our attention is now on a more grounded philosophy, the tent.

FoD March 2015-22-blog

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