For the first joint micro adventure of the year, the Rolling Donkeys or in this case Strolling Donkeys, decided to ditch the bikes just this once and use our feet. Not our preferred mode of transport, a little slow for our liking but we did enjoy the change of pace and the challenge of packing the kit into one large rucksack rather than various bike bags.

Our setting was to be the beautiful Cotswolds where after a very filling chilli con carne and a pint at the local pub, we set off on foot, backpacks loaded up to the woods on the hill. Having not been to this area before it took a little time to find the perfect spot to rig the hammocks and tarps.

We cooked steaks and marshmallows on an open fire, drank a few ales and chatted as the night drew in. The clouds parted after dusk to reveal stars and with it the temperature dropped. Although a slight wind had picked up bringing the cold air from the valley below, the fire kept us perfectly warm.

Withington Woods-2-blog

A clear sky, low temperature and moist ground brought us a misty, foggy morning. Waking before dawn the wood had an etherial feel to it. The mist simplifying the view into a monochromatic scene, filled with the fractal shapes of the trees fading into the distance.

Starting the fire from the left over embers, we cooked bacon on sticks and made a couple of rounds of fresh espresso. You can’t beat a fresh coffee after a nights wild camp.

As we were packing up, the sun popped over the horizon gently warming the air. With the golden winter sun and swirling mist, the walk back down the hill was picturesque.

Having wetted our appetite, we couldn’t help but notice severel great hang spots on the way down, opening up the possibility of an autumn hang before the leaves have dropped.

Looking forward to our next adventure in a few weeks time, back on our bikes and a different part of the country….